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 ​​Area Volleyball and NCTC  Tournament Highlights ​

   The Sacred Heart Tigerettes volleyballers dropped their home opener Tuesday night to the Red River Rattlers who were fresh off their second place finish in the silver bracket of the NCTC Volleyball Invitational.
   The Tigerettes started slow dropping the first two games 12-25 and 9-25 but then they  battled  their way to a 16-19 game before the Rattlers settled in taking the set 17-25.  Tigerettes taking headlines were Alana Bartush and Dani Hess  at the net and defensive play by Jessica Kemna.  Taking honors with service play were Maya Harrington and McKenzie Mason. Exciting backline play by Sam Koesler and consistant play by  Madi Ladzinski, Emma  and Megan Ploeger filled out the 

Tigerette roster for this match.
   The Tigerette JV players out-did the young Rattlers prior to the varsity Tuesday evening match.  The program, now in it's second year,  showed vast strides in it's overall performance downing Red River 25-19 in the first match.  The Rattlers JV rallied 21-25 in the second match and pushed hard in the third match before the young up and comers from Sacred Heart un-did them 18-16.
   At the service line Guadalupe Salinas and Maya Harrington led the assault.  Sam Muller and Lydia Hennigan played aggressive ball and Stephanie Koesler, Geordan Spaeth, Carlisle Ochoa , Angela Villa and Hope Espinosa each passed and played well.
  Playing a field of  larger schools, Cooke County Volleyballers took on a field of Goliaths  and nearly prevailed last week as the Lindsay Lady Knights took second in the Gold Division and  Callisburg Lady Wildcats tallied a fourth place finish in the division.  To note-Lindsay was the  only class AA school in the tournament and Callisburg was one of the six AAA teams. 
   In Thursdays broadcast games of the NCTC INVITATIONAL heard LIVE on

MELISSA 4A         25   25
Gainesville 4A     10   14

PILOT POINT 3A    11   25   15   
Argyle JV 4A          25  19    11
LINDSAY 2A            25   25
Red River               18    18

MELISSA 4A            25
Argyle JV                  6

PILOT POINT           25   25
Gainesville 4 A        16   20

Gainesville              25   17   16
ARGYLE JV               12   25   14

WHITESBORO 3A   22   26   15
Lindsay                   25   24   11

CALLISBURG 3A      25   25
Iowa Park 4A          14   12

ANNA 4A                 14   25   15
Leonard 3A             25   19   13

CALLISBURG            25   25
Leonard                   16   19
ANNA 4A                 25   25
Iowa Park                18   15

IOWA PARK             25   25
Leonard                   19   13

CALLISBURG            25   25
Anna                        21   17

Saturday NCTC INVITATIONAL matches aired live on

RED RIVER              25   18   15
Gainesville             20   25    7

WHITESBORO        25   25
Argyle JV                12   17

BONHAM 4A          23   25   15
Gainesville             25   14     9

WHITESBORO         18   25   15
Princeton 4A           25   11   13 

PRINCETON            25   26
Iowa Park               13   24

WHITESBORO        25   25
Red River               14   16

CALLISBURG           25   25
Quinlan                  11   23

LINDSAY                 25   25
Pilot Point              14   10

MELISSA 4A            25   25
Callisburg 3A          18   21

LINDSAY  2A           13   25   15
Burkburnett 4A      25   21   10

BURKBURNETT 4A  15   25   15
Callisburg 3A           25   19   12

MELISSA  4A            26    9    17           
Lindsay 2A               24   25   15 

​​​    The Callisburg Lady Wildcats under Head Coach Angela Allen showed why they are a pre-season favorite Thursday, during the annual North Central Texas College Varsity Invitational Volleyball Tournament at NCTC.
   The Lady Cats easily eliminated 4A Iowa Park 25-14 and 25-12 in their first afternoon matchup, before settling in to dispatching Leonard in two sets  25-16 and 25-19.  Utilizing the dynamic play of the sophomore nucleus of Skylar Allen, Macie Satterwhite, Savanah Hott, Fallon Baucum, and Lindsey Bullard, the ladies from Callisburg displayed the coolness of a veteran team.  
   In the final matchup of the day, the  Lady Cats did in the Anna Lady Coyotes, another 4A opponent 25-21 and 25-17.  During the final match, Savanah Hott used two kills in the first points, to give Callisburg a 4-3 edge, but consistent serving by Anna junior Ally Fudge posted the lady howlers up by two, 4-6, when service broke. 
   Allen and Bullard combined kills to surge ahead by a point, 7-6, but the lady coyotes again rallied to take a 7-9 lead.  Finally Satterwhite settled in for three kills, freshman Rylen Childress chipped in one, Allen one and Hott another pair, before the ladies from Wildcat land pulled away 18-17 and never looked back.  Allen and Satterwhite added one kill each and Bullard two, as defense carried the match as the lady wildcats pounded in the final seven points to conclude the match 25-17. 
   Breanna Serna served well implementing her jump serve, while Hunter Noller did her job at the line.  Key passing and set ups were delivered by Kelsey Williams, Halie Threadgill, and Katelyn Thurman.  With the win the Lady Wildcats finished the first day of the tournament 3-0 with wins over 4A staIwarts Iowa Park and Anna
   Carrying the weight of the success of a 3-0 first day campaign on their shoulders, the Callisburg Lady Wildcats marched into the NCTC Gymnasium Saturday morning and quickly dispatched their first adversary on the day, Quinlan, 25-11.
   Taking over service at 0-1, the team prompted sent kills and parried volleys into points until the score stood at 7-1.  The rally lasted but one round as the Lady Cats launched a fussilage consisting of kills by Bullard, Allen, Satterwhite, and Baucum that led Callisburg closer to the prize.  When the service spree of Savana Hott ended, the score stood at 18-7.  Despite a brief, two point service, the Quinlan squad fell 25-11.
   Facing elimination game in the second, Quinlan mounted a valient effort but in the end fell a bit short 25-23, the final match point coming on a Katelyn Thurman ace. 
   Melissa, the eventual, winner of the tournament, took care of the Lady Wildcats in two but it was not without a fight.  Serna pounded one in early and Hott scored on consecutive possessions for an early 4-3 lead, but Melissa's Aubry Grantham served three consecutive winners to turn over the lead.  Callisburg threatened again but it was the ever present Susan Blake who scored a go ahead point and the Lady Cards never looked back.  Blake displayed why she was the tournament most valuable player, as the six foot plus athelete calmly played beyond her sophomore years.
   In the second game the lady cats hung tough, as a matter they led 19-17 until Blake ended the Callisburg serve was a sharp kill. The service was continued through point 23 when the net ended the lengthy service.  With Melissa boasting a match point 20-24, a Skylar Allen point made it 21-24, but then Melissa freshman Caroline Kasson slammed the door closed.  
      The Lady Wildcats were not through with their 4A opponents as next to come along was the Burkburnett Lady Bulldogs.  The pair squared off in the  third place game.  The lady cats struck quickly as Allen tallied three kills and Williams added a fourth to give the lady cats a 6-3 lead, but Burkburnett dinked the ball over the net to end the service.  
   Service was broken as Satterwhite slammed in five kills during a stretch ending 15-8.  After an exchange of service points Allen, Baucum, Threadgill, and Bullard combined to take the total to 23 points and Satterwhite's overhand drove the match to game point 24-15.  The defense failed on the next serve and the match stood at 1-0.
   The Lady bulldogs hadn't driven all that way for nothing. Using a stifling ball hawking defense and a flawless service assault the dogs launched a nine point string that lifted them to a 17-20 lead.  Following a defensive tit-for-tat the lady howlers finished off the lady cats 19-25 even up the match at 1-1.
   In the tie breaker the score always remained close, but with the lady hounds leading 12-13   closed things out with consecutive serves to make it 12-15 to take third place in the tournament.  
   The Callisburg Wildcats suffered two losses in the tournament, both to 4A schools, both in the championship bracket.  A hardy pat on the back to Skylar Allen, Breanna Serna, Macie Satterwhite, Savanah Hott , Kelsey Williams, Fallon Baucum, and Lindsey Bullard.  For setting and passing an ovation for Katelyn Thurman, Halie Threadgill, and Rylen Childress, and for serving add a plus to Hunter Noller.       
   Always a contender at the NCTC Varsity Invitational, the Lindsay Lady Knights would threaten to win it all this year, if they could find a solution to the void left by the graduation of  Ms. Early and company.
  Like with the Lady Wildcats of Callisburg,  the answer may come with a satchel full of sophmores and a freshman.  Makenzie Fleitman, Brianna Craigie, Olivia Hertel, and Ashley Fleitman are the soph quartet and Skylar Tatum fills in the freshmen role in the tandem.
  On day one of the tourney(Thursday) the Ladies from Lindsay had trouble shaking the Rattlers of Red River but settled in to out-distance them 25-18 and 25-18.  Next up was the the Lady Bearcats of Whitesboro who fell to the Black magic 25-22 in the first set.  Facing a loss in the tournament to a 2A opponent , the lady bearcats launched a clutch rally stalling the Lady Knights at game point 24-23.  Capturing service next, the lady bearcats rallied to take the hard fought by two, 24-26.  In the tie breaking set, the lady bearcats cranked off five service points to come from behind and win the match 11-15.
   The Lady Knights of Lindsay finished the day 2-1 in the tournament which features a 5A school, Liitle Elm Braswell; seven 4A entrees- Anna, Argyle, Burkburnett, Bonham, Iowa Park, Melissa, and Princeton; six 3A squads-Callisburg, Farmersville, Leonard, Pilot Point,  Quinlan, and Whiteboro;  and a single 2A team-Lindsay.
   Perhaps you would be happy to make the finals in a tournament where you were the only 2A  team in a field  made up of one 5A team, seven 4A squads, five 3A units and one independent entry.  Perhaps you would find solance in taking the 4A heavyweight to a two point 26-24 first round loss.  Perhaps you would rationlize the eventual loss by taking it out on your opponent with a 25-9 flogging in the second round.  Perhaps you would be happy to have lost the tie breaker round by the mandatory two points necessary after being tied at the end of regulation time 15-15 all.  Then again, perhaps you are not the Lindsay Lady Knights.  
   The Lindsay squad gave Melissa all it could handle Saturday night in the finals of the North Central Texas College Varsity Invitational Volleyball Tournament. After splitting the first games 26-24 and 25-9.  The two juggernauts settled in for an old fashioned knock down, drag out. The Melissa Cardinals tallied but a point before the Lindsays began with a service ace in way to a 4-1 lead.  A defensive point by Sophmore sensation Susan Blake gave the point and the service to Melissa and Ally Boedecker used her magic to tie things up 5-5 from the service line.  Blake's next tour at the service line counted for three additional points as the Cards charged added up to an 9-11 lead. 
   Then as she had done all day, Lindsay's Jocelyn Grewing countered with a defensive save and a few minutes later she served up a kill to take a one point lead in the tie breaker 12-11.  Back and fourth the two teams went until Blake hammered home a kill for the 15-15 tie.    Two  service points later it was all over 15-17 and the 4A Melissa Cardinals had won the tournament.
   For the lady knights it was a matter of walking in the shadow of 3A and 4A schools all week and generally winning.  3A Pilot Point was the first team to fall 25-14 and 25-10 Saturday morning and then  4A Burkburnett  went in three, 13-25, 25-21, 15-10.
   A congratulations to heavy hitters Jocelyn Grewing, Brianna Craigie, and Makenzie Fleitman.  A salute to service wizzs Karson Dykes and Olivia Hertel.  A bow to passers and setters extraordinares Kayln Pulte, Ashley Fleitman, Skylar Tatum and Ashley Hedrick.  A second place finish is fine, unless of course, you are the Lindsay Lady Knights. 
  *** A special thanks to Coach Bullard and the staff of NCTC for a job well done in hosting the  NCTC Varsity Invitational Volleyball Tournament.  Their hospitality was appreciated.            

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   The Sacred Heart Tigerettes easily won their first district match of the year downing Coram Deo Academy  of Collin County, 25-16, 25-17 and 25-21 Tuesday night in Muenster.  The match was the first district pairing between the two campuses, Muenster and Collin  County.
   The Tigerettes started quickly with  three service points from the serving of the ever consistant Jessica Kemna.  Dani Hess and Sam Koesler turned in volleys to secure the lead at 6-2 with the Tigerettes never trailing in the entire game.  An Alana Bartush kill pushed the lead to 14-10 and Emma Ploeger served up three points including two aces to give the squad a bit of breathing room at 17-10.
  Down the stretch Koesler banged in reliable service and Hess hawked the net to open up a 21-12 lead and never looked back as Hess closed out the service 25-16.         
     During the second game Hannah Payne, Katherine Dunlap and  MacKenzie Mason led the effort to push the lady cats to a second win 25-17.  Payne scored five from the line in the effort and Mason using her jump serve effectively.  
   In the third game of the night, Coram Deo secured their first lead of the match taking an aggressive lead 4-9,  but Sacred Hearts defense came to life as Hess slammed home a winner to give the Tigerettes the serve.  Dunlap again went to work serving up seven points and taking a 12-9 lead before turning over the serve.
   Threatening again, the Corum Deo crew rally to a 19-19  tie,  before Mason rebounded with service to a 22-19 lead.  In the final moments of the match, the net proved to be the Corum Deo undoing as the final two points collided the barrier when the rally was attempted.  Madi Ladzinski, Megan Ploeger, and crew proved reliable setters and defenders in the match.  
The Tigerettes next match will be versus Fort Worth Bethesda, Thursday September 1.  The JV starts at  5 PM followed by the varsity.  It will be a district match

   The Sacred Heart Tigers were within twenty-five seconds of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat Friday when they lined up for the two point conversion in Muenster at Tiger Stadium.  With the score within spitting distance of being tied at 20 all with a chip shot extra point, the Tigers opted to go for a two point conversion which would have made the score 21-20 with :25 left in the game.
   After a mad scramble by quarterback Sam Hesse, that ended with a toss that ended up in the arms of Roy Endres good for the two point conversion, the jubilation turned sour when it was realized a penalty was flagged during play for offensive holding.  A step off of fifteen yards and the additional yardage proved to be too severe to overcome as the defense proved itself up to the task.  The game ended 19-20 with the Collinsville Pirates on top.
   The Tigers never led in the contest which the Pirates led after a early touchdown drive and kick conversion.  The striped cats came roaring back on a beautiful Hesse TD strike to Roy Endres who caught the pass in stride with a step on the defender and won the race 88 yards later. A bid for two failed however, and the Tigers were never able to close the gap.
   Without two-hundred pound running back Thomas Hennigan, who was sidelined with a pre-season hand injury, the Tigers opted for a running by committee approach with Jeron Juntado, Wyatt West, and Jake McDaniel takings turns toting the ball. 
   In the shotgun formation Markus Shaw, Hunter Hess, West, and Endres proved to be reliable targets, while a dependable job along the line was turned in by Michael McCoy, Zane Schoppa and David Jennings.  The preceding trio were anchored by the capable play of the only starters back on line, Julian Hesse and the ever present Mark Davis.  Davis received nods for his play on defense at middle linebacker. 
   The Tiger defensive backs Tyler Walterscheid, Jake  McDaniel, Hesse (Sam) and Endres kept kept the lid largley on.   In game one of the season, seeing fill in action, Collin Knabe, Alex Villa and freshman Cole Carson contributed.  
    This week the Tigers travel to Alvord to take on the undefeated Bulldogs who upset Nocona last week 19-13.  The Bulldogs are members of 2A-1 Division II District 5 where they finished last year 4-8 and 3-2 in district.  Their district wins were over Valley View, Bells and Trenton, and their losses were to Chico and Blue Ridge.
   The dogs this year bring thirteen seniors to task including  guard Tim Sombathy 250 pounds, Clay Baker 230 pounds, Blake Martin 265 pounds and Cason Rangel 250 pounds.  With help they hope to blow open the holes for Crese Redman 165 pounds and Conner Parker.  It should be a good match against Sacred Heart's speed.
   The game will be Friday night at 7:30 at Bulldog Field, 1049 West Bypass 287 in Alvord.
Footnotes -
Muenster Hornets play Pilot Point at Muenster.  Pilot Point lost their season opener 29-0 to  larger classification,  4A-2 Region 1 District 3 contender, Krum.  Now, a week later, the Bearcats   are taking on a lower classification to try to even their record but, they find that mismatch to be  manned by a non-willing participant-Muenster.
Last week the Hornets tied Evadale with the most points scored in a win by downing depleted Valley View  51-0.  Evadale accomplished the same feat by blanking Logos Prep Academy by the same score.
Don't bet again the Hornets, larger division or not. They are loaded with talent, and it is young, making them a force to deal with for years.  The one intangible is the Celina - Pilot Point edge. There have been a few schools that have long traditions of defeating Cooke County teams.  In recent years there have been a few exceptions,  this could be one.      
Lindsay Knights play the Valley View Eagles at Lindsay.  Lindsay hammered their opponent Tom  Bean friday night 29-8 at Tom Bean.  The rebuilding Knights find themselves without able bodied defensive linemen Garrett Martin and Andy Dieter this season, both of whom were awarded scholarships off Lindsay's regional final baseball team. Already the Knights are preparing for a run at their old nemisis, Muenster. 
Before we get the horse ahead of the Hornet though, the squad must first get by VV.  The Eagles are going through some serious rebuilding with many new faces.  It is not as serious as in 1975 when the Eagles went 1-9, but it is important to remember that five years later the Eagles won the state title in Class B in 1980.
As for this week, the Knights should prevail, but remember, what goes around, comes around, and that comes true in football.
Callisburg  takes on Anna this week at home as they hope to capitalize on last weeks 37-27 win over S&S.  After last years extended playoff appearance which stacked up multiple encores the Wildcats are hungry for more of the same. If the injury bug can be avoided the Wildcats should prevail. Anna is also 1-0 after having downed Whitesboro 13-8 at Whitesboro, a squad that handed Callisburg an overtime loss last year.  
Collinsville tangles with Era at Era after a tough win 19-20 last week against Sacred Heart.  Now the Pirates are up against a team hoping to rebound from a Era loss 41-6,  to Bells, a 2A-1 Region II District 6 entry. Recalling the days of yore, the Collinsville eleven hope to make it two in a row at the beginning of the season for the first time since 2006. 


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